View a fully working system at over 40 nationwide display centres, each connected to a selection of renewable technologies.

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All display centres have access to your online designs and can provide further technical assistance, as well as advice on obtaining potential RHI (renewable heat incentive) payments. The Centres are backed by a carefully selected and unique range of MCS approved products and installers in the various technologies.  

Why our Xcel Heat Banks beat ALL the Competition.

Guide to Multifuel System Designer

The XCEL Heat Bank
MultiFuel Thermal Store
20 years of development


Installation instructions
Schematic designer
Photographic combinations 

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This is a comprehensive questionnaire, that will design your hot water system for you.

Collects all relevant data in a central online resource that you can access and update anytime.  
You can save an unlimited number of designs.
Works our central heating losses, ventilation losses, and hot water demand.
Works out running costs, carbon footprints, boiler sizes and pump sizes.
Works out savings that can be made using renewable heat sources.
Works out payments you may receive from the new Renewable Heat Incentives.
Selects most suitable products.
Designs the layout of the system, providing schematic drawings.
Generates parts lists and a quotation, with pre-fabricated control options.
Provides lists of skilled installers near you.
Emails all the information on the design to you and to our design team.
Allows our designers to very quickly grasp what you are trying to achieve.
Free design consultancy is provided on submitted designs.


Please be patient with the number of questions... they are all necessary to make sure the final system matches your requirements perfectly. The whole online process takes between 5 and 10 minutes, with full designs generated at the end.

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Schematic Designer     
Online Version / HTML Version  /  Windows .exe

Build a system visually in schematic layout.
This is one of the most useful design tools we have.
It is also built into the Online System Designer.

Heat Bank Designer  
Build the final Heat Bank designs and generate product information and installation instructions.
Start from a ''standard'' design:  

Basic Electric   
Basic Indirect
  Indirect Y-Plan   Indirect S-Plan 
Indirect Solar Drain-Back 
Indirect Solar Twin Coil
Basic GX    
GX: 20kW Boiler + Solar
Multifuel: 40kw Boiler + Solar + UFH + Rads + Wood Burner  



Flash Tools  
Designing a heating or hot water system sometimes requires some maths. Our tools make these calculations a breeze. ... don't miss this page !!!

EnergyHarness Heat Banks
One of the most efficient systems ever conceived is now up and running.



Read our article on
Wood Burning Systems
and how to safely integrate with a hot water and central heating systems...

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System Combination 1 ...

Download our Catalogue   A selection of data sheets covering all our main product lines.   
NEW CATALOGUES and CD  Contains this entire web site including all our free software and design tools.
For you free copy, please fill out our online enquiry form.


Ecobuild 2008, the Zero Carbon House, and the zedStore  
We would like to thank everyone who visited us at Ecobuild 2008, as well as ZedFactory for inviting us to be part of the Zero Carbon House.  
The House demonstrated a collection of affordable technologies that combine to provide a zero-carbon design.  In partnership with zedFabric we have produced the zedStore, the latest in our range of Heat Banks, with a selection of options that combine to provide the heart and brains of the house's energy system, taking inputs from a district biomass boiler plant, local wood burner, solar panels, heat pump and electric, and will provide mains hot water and central heating to a combination of radiators and/or underfloor heating. 
Click here for more information on the zedStore...
Click here for exhibition info and photos...




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View a fully working system in one of over 40 nationwide display centres

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Case Study
''I thought it all sounded too good to be true, but now I realise that it really is as good as you said it would be, and better than I thought it would be!''

Case Study: Wood & Solar
''In fact, the Heatbank brought even more advantages than we had hoped for. For one thing, our water pressure is now so good we’ve dispensed with the pumps entirely, which is a huge benefit as they were just so noisy and quite unreliable.!''

 Heat Bank Thermal Stores
Unvented Cylinders
British Standard Cylinders
High Output Tank Fed
Underfloor Heating
District Heating Systems
500 to 3000 ltr Cylinders
Commercial Equipment

Silent Booster Pump
Pumps and Pump Sets
Cold+Hot Pumped Pack

Plate Heat Exchangers
Mains Conversion Kit
Solar Panels & Equipment
Integrated Solar Stores
Solar Pandora Heat Bank
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Online Tools:
System Designer
Hot Water Loading v1
Hot Water Loading v2
Cylinder Sizes
Expansion Vessel Sizing
Unit Conversion
Room Heat Loss
Heat Loss Software


Heat Bank discussions on
UK DIY Forums 

3-D Model
Multi-Fuel System


  GX Integrated Heat Banks for Gas & Oil  
For customers using gas or oil boilers and requiring additional performance, solar coils, solid fuel connections or under-floor heating, the GX range of Heat Banks should be seriously considered - in some installations they are the only option.


  Boosting Mains Supplies  
For customers with a mains water supply that falls a long way short of the potential demand of the property, our range of Pump Sets provides as much high pressure cold water as any property could require. 


Technical Articles and Help...


System Packs

Technical editorials, helpful figures and graphs, and links to other informative sites. Subjects covered include Limescale, Solar, Heat Exchangers, Unvented Systems, Prefabrication, and more.


Standard Mains Hot Water Systems, full pre-fabricated, sold together with a chosen boiler, controls, as well as underfloor heating kits.


Electric Hot Water Systems

This system has been our most popular model over the last year, probably because it is the simplest way to provide properties with high pressure hot water.

Plumbing is simple, with no cold storage tanks, and ONLY two pipework connections required (cold mains water in and hot out). Electrically, installation is as simple as wiring the power lead(s) into a wall socket.

All controls are pre-fitted, including immersion heater controls (suitable for Economy 7 tariff) and hot water tempering valve. The system can be fitted in under 1 hour.


Electric Hot Water Systems
with Central Heating

Removing the need for a gas boiler entirely, the Heat Bank 2000 provides both hot water and central heating. It is capable of driving central heating loads of up to 12kW continuously, and the store can make effective use of economy tariffs (such as the Economy 9 Tariff).  

The store heat up periods and heating periods are controlled via timers fitted to the unit. A room thermostat is supplied loose, and will require wiring back to the store. All remaining controls required for a fully sealed central heating system are factory fitted and wired where necessary.  The heating flow temperature is adjustable, making this system suitable for underfloor heating or radiators.


Hot Water Systems for Gas & Oil

For customers using gas or oil boilers, these systems provide almost everything else needed to get a mains hot water & heating system up and running. Plumbing is simple, with no cold storage tanks, and no feed and expansion tanks. Radiators and hot water taps can be positioned independently of the store, allowing loft conversions.

The store is optionally kitted out with a full control pack, with hot water and heating controlled via a two-channel programmer fitted to the unit. A room thermostat is supplied loose, and will require wiring back to the store, as will the boiler. All remaining controls (including a high head primary pump, hot water zone valve, heating zone valve, 12 litre expansion vessel, pressure relief, pressure gauge, filling loop, cylinder thermostat, and hot water tempering valve) are factory fitted and wired where necessary, making a quick and easy installation.

End users will be able to run taps and showers simultaneously, make use of luxury shower heads, and and fill a bath in under four minutes. A high duty coil within the store allows rapid heat-up of stored water following periods of heavy use. A backup immersion heater provides the facility to heat water electrically in case of a problem with the gas boiler.


Underfloor Heating

How can any portfolio of heating systems be complete without catering for underfloor heating.  This is a very rapidly growing industry, with systems getting ever easier to install.  Our range of Underfloor Heat Banks covers all brand-name underfloor systems, as well as basic pipework systems that require a temperature controlled flow. 

We also have the only system that provides all of the following, ready to connect and turn on:
Mains pressure hot water supplies, without the need for an overflow or discharge from the cylinder cupboard.
Fully sealed underfloor heating, with optional radiator circuit.  All pumps, controls, and wiring factory fitted.
Buffer operation, whereby the heating can pull heat back out of the store to overcome boiler cycling.
Underfloor heating can make use of all heat sources - boiler, immersion heater, and even solar panels if called for.
Connects to basic manifolds, without the need for separate pumps or thermostatic controls.


Solar Systems


Case Studies

Most of our hot water systems can be adapted to work in conjunction with Solar Panels to provide free hot water and heating.


Examples of how we solve customers problems.


High Output Hot Water Systems

For the luxury end of the market, hotels and light commercial uses, nothing matches our twin plate heat exchanger stores. The units are up to 450 litres in capacity, and fitted with a very large indirect heating coil to ensure quick recovery.  To provide very large outputs of mains pressure hot water, the units each have two large plate heat exchangers, giving a total output of over 300kW - enough to supply over 15 showers at once. Each heat exchanger is fitted with a thermostatic blending valve to control hot water temperature.

Two cylinder thermostats are provided, along with wiring centre and control relay. This is to ensure that larger boilers do not cycle by holding off recovery of the store until there is a reasonable volume of water to be re-heated. A backup immersion heater provides the facility to heat water electrically in case of a problem with the boiler.


Helpful Software

Download our own Waterload Calculator, providing an easy way to work out how much hot water you need,
the BARLO Heat Loss Calculator, to work out radiator and boiler sizes, and more...


Tank Fed Systems
British Standard Cylinders
Econocyl Pre-Fabricated

Pump Sets

    Home Booster Pump

Often we find that customers are only aiming to obtain a decent shower, and are otherwise happy with their existing system.   

The Home Booster Pump is a simple and SILENT in-line booster pump, that increases the pressure to outlets.  The pump is fully automatic, with an in-built flow switch that turns the pump on when an outlet is opened. 

Although not suitable for driving multiple taps, the Home Booster can turn a weak shower into one to look forward to.


Some properties do not have a decent mains water supply, forcing the use of cold water storage tanks to obtain decent performances.  Tank fed systems are very common, simple, and easy to install, typically with the cold tank in a loft space.

Where higher pressures are needed, we can supply various booster pump systems to suit.


Hydroflow HS38A

Stop Limescale in its tracks.  
Installed in under 1 minute.  24hr whole system protection.


DPS Shower Master

Plate Heat Exchanger system for use on domestic boiler applications. Diverts water from boiler primaries to heat mains water. Overcomes need for hot water storage, but is limited by output of boiler and will typically only supply one outlet at once.


The DPS Boiler Master 

Modular Plate Heat Exchanger system for use on central boiler applications with multiple dwellings. Each unit draws water from boiler primaries to heat mains water at up to 100kW. Overcomes need for hot water storage.


Prefabricated Boards

Custom made pipework arrays, with customers choice of controls.  From simple heating distribution, through to full heat metered hot water and heating boards.


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