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Econocyl Cylinders

Gravity Fed British Standard Copper Cylinders


Econocyls are a range of Vented Copper Hot Water Cylinders available in all B.S.I. sizes and a number of other sizes.

The Super Econocyl  is a compact 75 litre cylinder, fitted with a Super Duty Primary Coil and with Hot Water Priority controls to ensure rapid recovery. The high efficiency of the Primary Coil  reduces boiler cycling and increases efficiency, and the small volume ensures low standing heat losses.

Econocyls are pre-plumbed & pre-wired with controls supplied to customers specifications, with a choice of controls from a number of suppliers.  Econocyls may be supplied with a variety of Primary Control layouts.  The two most common are the Y-Plan and S-Plan layouts, shown below.

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Basic cylinders without any fitted controls are also available.

Cylinders are manufactured as standard to Grade 3 for a maximum working head of 10 metres. Other grades of cylinder are available for greater heads.

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Key to bulletg.gif (893 bytes) Standard & bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Optional Components:

1. Hot Draw-Off & Vent
bulletg.gif (893 bytes) Standard: 22mm
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) V28 Option: 28mm
2. Electronic Programmer (24 hr, 7 day, & 5/2 day split)
bulletg.gif (893 bytes) Standard: Supplied loose
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: Programmer Backplate wired to Junction Box

bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: Programmer fitted and wired to Econocyl
3. Junction Box with 90cm lead
4. Air Vent
bulletg.gif (893 bytes) Standard: Manual Air Vent
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: Automatic Air Vent
5. 35mm CFC Free Foam Insulation
6. bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Optional Balancing Valve on flow to Primary Coil
7. Flow to Primary Coil
bulletg.gif (893 bytes) Standard: British Standard Coil
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: High Duty Coil (Standard x 1)
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: Super Duty Coil (Standard x 2)
8. 3 Port Valve (Mid-Position or Diverting)
9. Flow to Heating Circuit 22mm
10. Primary Circulating Pump
bulletg.gif (893 bytes) Standard: Myson CP53 (5m head)
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: Myson CP63 (6m head)
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: Grundfoss UPS15/50 (5m head)
11. Flow from Boiler 22mm
12. Immersion Heater Boss
bulletg.gif (893 bytes) Standard: 2" boss only
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: 3kW 27" Copper Immersion Heater fitted
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: 3kW 27" Incaloy Immersion Heater fitted
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: 3kW 27" Low Noise Immersion Heater fitted
13. Cylinder Thermostat
bulletg.gif (893 bytes) Standard: Strap-On Stat for Econocyls
bulletg.gif (893 bytes) Standard: Immersion Stat for Super Econocyls
14. Return from Primary Coil 22mm
15. Drain-Off Cock
16. Cold Feed
bulletg.gif (893 bytes) Standard: 22mm
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option  28mm
bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: Fitted Gatevalve (22/28mm)
17. Room Thermostat (supplied loose)
18. bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: By-Pass with fitted Balancing Valve (15mm)
19. bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: Secondary Return Connection 22mm
20. bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: Scale Inhibitor  see
21. bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: Air Separator (supplied loose)

bulletr.gif (893 bytes) Option: All brass fittings in contact with domestic water from DZR Brass


Econocyls are available in all B.S.I. sizes and a number of other sizes.
The table below shows Sizes for standard 450mm diameter Ecococyls.

Unit Code Capacity (litres) Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
ECON 117 117 450 900
ECON 140 140 450 1050
ECON 162 162 450 1200
ECON 210 210 450 1500
ECON 245 245 450 1800

Schematic Layout of Econocyl Hot Water System:

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