Some of the systems... 

We pride ourselves on our ability to supply the unit for the job, be it a one bedroom flat or a luxury household with all the trimmings. 

Years of supplying pre-fabricated hot water and heating systems, customised to suit the customers requirements, has left us with an exhaustive array of designs and system configurations, with something to suit virtually any application.  

Detailed here are just some of the more common Heat Bank Thermal Store systems to provide an idea of the options available.


'Xcel' Heat Bank Thermal Store
For connection to separate Feed & Expansion Tank

'Everest' Heat Bank Thermal Store
With Integral Feed & Expansion Tank


System A - Electric

Electric Heat Bank Thermal Store Units are heated by two 3kW Low Noise Immersion Heaters. The lower heater can be run off a cheap rate tariff, such as Economy 7, to enable the entire store to be heated on cheap rate electricity. The upper heater is usually connected as a boost or top-up, allowing smaller volumes of water to be heated during periods of peak-rate electricity.
Additional heating elements or blanked heater bosses may be fitted if required.
An optional Economy Immersion Heater Controller is also available.
Low Noise Immersion Heaters provide silent overnight heat up, and are fitted with plastic non-conductive covers and 90C Control


System E - Indirect

System E Heat Bank Thermal Stores operate with the standard S or Y Plan layouts, using a motorised valves to divert the Boiler Flow to either the Heat Bank Thermal Store or to the Radiator Circuit, or to both simultaneously.
The unit uses an Indirect Primary Heating Coil to transfer heat from pressurised primary water to the unpressurised stored water. The Heating Coil is manufactured to BS 1566 as standard, however High Duty or Super Duty coils may be fitted if required.

Controls are available from a number of manufacturers.



System D
Indirect + Sealed Primary Controls

 The units are fitted with an 8 litre Primary Expansion Vessel as standard (larger vessel sizes may be supplied on request.
  The units may be optionally fitted with standard Sealed System Controls including a Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Gauge and Filling Loop.

The following schematic provides an idea of the extent that we pre-fabricate the hot water and central heating systems.

The System D Heat Bank Thermal Stores are ideal for use with modern pressurised boiler systems. The higher pressures in a sealed system enable higher boiler flow temperatures, thereby increasing the storage temperatures that can be achieved resulting in greater domestic hot water output.
The arrangement of the optional pre-fabricated pipework enables all controls to be centrally located making servicing easier while ensuring tidy pipework and reducing site installation times considerably.

System F
Everest + Primary F&E Connection

System F Heat Bank Thermal Stores use the same basic Heat Bank Thermal Store cylinder as for System E Heat Bank Thermal Stores, however they are also fitted with a Primary Feed & Expansion Connection which allows the Primary System to be fed and vented through the Heat Bank Thermal Store, thereby making the primary system unpressurised and fully vented to atmosphere.


System B
Direct Gas with thermal store between boiler and radiator circuit

System B Heat Bank Thermal Stores split the primary system into two separate circuits, a Boiler Circuit and a Radiator Circuit. The flow to the Radiator Circuit is pumped directly from the Heat Bank Thermal Store, with the Radiator Circuit Pump controlled by a Room Thermostat. The Boiler and Boiler Circuit Pump is controlled by a Cylinder Thermostat on the Heat Bank Thermal Store.

The Radiator Circuit can be heated very quickly using hot water stored in the Heat Bank Thermal Store (providing the Heat Bank Thermal Store is hot) instead of waiting for the boiler to gradually heat up the Radiator Circuit. A Domestic Reserve is incorporated to prevent all the stored water being used for initial Radiator Circuit heat-up. This enables more accurate control of heating periods, and reduces boiler cycling, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the system.


System C 
Direct Gas with boiler flow directed using three port valve 

System C Heat Bank Thermal Stores operate with the standard Y Plan layout, using a 3 Port Valve to divert the Boiler Flow to either the Heat Bank Thermal Store or to the Radiator Circuit, or to both simultaneously. Since the unit is heated directly, without using a Primary Heating Coil, recovery times are shortened. 


Electric with wet central heating 

System HB2000 Heat Bank Thermal Stores operate with immersion heaters, and are fitted with a central heating pump and blending valve.
Models to suit heating loads of 6 to 12 kW


GXV Advanced High Recovery Heat Bank Thermal Store


500 litre High Output
Everest Heat Bank Thermal Store


Full Spec. Solar Heat Bank Thermal Store