Solar systems are not new, and have been used the world over for decades. They have however, only recently started to move into mainstream use in the UK. We receive sufficient sunshine to provide up to 70% of our annual domestic hot water needs from a well designed solar installation and such a system will also reduce harmful emissions by up to 500 kg per square metre of panel per year. Solar hot water and heating systems are becoming cheaper and more efficient, helped by government grants. 

The following are links to information and products on Solar in PDF format.   

Pay-Back Calculations for Solar Thermal
on how to calculate the pay-back time for solar panels, with examples relating to certain manufacturers.  
Institute of Plumbing Technical Editorial on Solar (Aug 2000)
a little dated, this editorial for the Institute gives a good description of the basic technologies of solar panels.  
GX Solar Integrated Heat Bank Thermal Store
GX is a hot water store that out-performs any other system on the market, and is also simpler.  When used with solar the GX provides a number of additional advantages, such as the ability to only heat small quantities using the boiler, or to used solar for central heating.  
Pandora Solar Drain-Back Heat Bank Thermal Store
Pandora Heat Bank Thermal Store can be connected directly to solar panels. This is the preferred method of some panel manufacturers, simplifying the system and increasing efficiency.  The Pandora also allows panels to be drained to protect from frost, or overheat.  
Solar Unvented
coil unvented cylinders are a well known way to provide mains hot water using solar. We have a range in both basic and pre-fabricated models.  
Conversion of Existing Tank Fed Systems
ways to convert an existing hot water cylinder to solar, without changing the hot water cylinder.  
Appricus Vacuum Heat Tube Solar Panels
fully approved and well supported range of evacuated tubes. These provide the latest vacuum technology and are backed by a ten year guarantee.
Navitron Vacuum Heat Tube Solar Panels
low cost range of evacuated tubes. These provide the latest vacuum technology and cannot be matched on price. Although systems should last 25 years plus, they only carry a one year guarantee to keep costs low.