Electrically heater hot water cylinders, fitted with standard electric immersion heaters, can often be the cause of sleepless nights for house occupiers, especially as the heaters are usually set to come on overnight using cheap-rate electricity.

Like a kettle element, an immersion heater element generates noise as water in contact with the hot surface of the element turns to steam.

This noise cannot be avoided without using a non-standard immersion heater which has a much larger surface area over which to transfer heat into the water.  These heaters are referred to as low watt density immersion heaters.

We have often come up against this problem, however getting hold of an affordable low watt density heater ,which was reliable, inexpensive and fitted a standard boss, proved to be a problem.  So we approached an specialist manufacturer and asked if they could make us one to our requirements.  The result is the CE approved XS11S Immersion heater, which we now use as standard on our electric hot water units, and can be purchased through this web site.

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