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Hot Water Cylinders

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Mains Fed Systems,
Heat Bank Thermal Stores 

Pandora Heat Bank Thermal Store Standard Options - specifications & wiring
Electric - Hot Water Only
Electric - Hot Water and Heating
Gas / Oil
Underfloor Heating 
GX Integrated Systems
Under-Worktop Units  
Large Capacity Tank Units  
Solar Thermal Stores

Index of Custom Made Systems

Also see System Packs below.

Heat Bank Thermal Stores - How They Work

Pandora Heat Bank Thermal Stores

 Store Dimensions and Capacities

The GX Heat Bank Thermal Store Units
Benefits of the the GX Heat Bank Thermal Store Unit

Technical Editorial:  Solar

Mains Fed Systems,
Unvented Cylinders

Amazon Unvented Cylinders 
Ariston Unvented Cylinders
Pre-fabricated Megaflo Unvented Hot Water Cylinders - discontinued

Technical Editorial:  Unvented Cylinders

Tank Fed Systems

Econocyl Hot Water Cylinders - British Standard copper cylinders 
Hydro-Pack Systems
- Hot and cold water storage in one unit

Case Study:   High Output Tank Fed Cylinder 



Vokéra System Boilers

System Packs - Thermal Store with Boiler

Non-Condensing  28 kW Mynute System Boiler with 180 litre Pandora Heat Bank Thermal Store 
Condensing  28 kW Synergy System Boiler with 180 litre Pandora Heat Bank Thermal Store 
Pumps   Pump Sets

Home Booster Pump

Grundfos CHi Twin Booster Pumps - for provision of high pressure and flow rate domestic cold water supplies.

Venturi Showers

H2O Venturi Shower Unit - The simple and inexpensive way to provide a pressurised shower from a tank fed system - NO PUMPS.

Limescale Protection

HS38A - simple, inexpensive, seconds to install, complete 24hr protection.

White Box Products

Shower Master - Add instantaneous mains hot water outlet to primary systems
Boiler Master - Mains hot water from a central boiler system 
Hi-Flow BZ - Add a separate mains hot water supply to existing storage systems 

Prefabricated Control & Pipework Assemblies and Boards

Distribution Systems - A range of made to measure pipework & control assemblies. On boards or Boxed. Possibilities endless.
Controls & Fittings

FS22T Flow Switch

Plate Heat Exchangers

SV15L Solenoid & Level Switch Assembly


Technical Editorial:  Heat Exchangers


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