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The specifications shown on this page represent a mixture of standard systems as well as systems designed for specific contracts.  
The inclusion of a specification does not imply that DPS obtained the contract - only that we quoted.  
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Standard Stowaway Heat Bank Thermal Stores
Mains pressure hot water with no overflows or warning pipes !

Basic Indirect  
Indirect Y-Plan 22mm
Sealed Indirect Y-Plan 22mm
Indirect S-Plan 22/28mm
Sealed Indirect S-Plan 22/28mm

Basic Electric  
Electric with Immersion Heater Controller

Heat Bank Thermal Store 2000  -  Specification 156-1    

Standard Electric Heat Bank Thermal Store -  Specification 849-1

  Specification  Heat 
Fitted Solar Coil

Connects to Gas Boiler

Central Heating Timer

Solar Pre-Heat System
2 x Double

Non Solar Cel-F Specifications

1793-1  Electric Stowaways

1823-1  Stowaway Manual Fill, Indirect, 130 ltr, Cased 

3722-1  Electric Stowaways for Whitecode

3774-1  Basic Electric Stowaways 
3774-2  Electric Stowaways with Immersion Controller


Fairview Estates, Electric Stowaways

   130, 150, 180, 210, 250 litres

Specification 1271-3  
Installation Instructions  
Specification 1271-1, Installation Instructions (Old) 
Specification 1271 (Old)

Specification 1450

Specification 1489

James Mansion - High Performance Underfloor

   300 litres

Specification 1564-1
Installation Instructions


Specification 1613-1   Charles Grey, Richmond

I would like to thank you again for the extraordinary Heat Bank Thermal Store system you supplied me.  As an engineer,  I was curious yet cautious about installing an unconventional system - but I have to say that I am absolutely delighted with it. It has easily surpassed my expectations and I can't fault it. It is the best system that I have experienced personally.  It provides copious quantities of very hot water at good pressure without the need for any tanks or pumps and was easy to install. The shower is excellent and the bath fills-up very quickly.

As I say, I can't fault it. I wish you the best of luck selling many more - and I would be perfectly happy to confirm what I have said above to a third party if it would be helpful.

Best wishes,  Charles Grey.

Connects to Gas Boiler    150 litres


Specification 1640   
Kensington High Street, Stafford Court

Frame Specification
Wiring for HX Pack
Danfoss ECL Comfort 200 Controller

Old specification for vented system, pages 1  2  3


 David Maxwell-Lyte

 Specification  Capacity Heat 
Primaries White 

Connects to Gas Boiler

1644-4 210
1644-5 300  
1644-6 210


 Nick Pleasance

 Specification  Heat 

Connects to Gas Boiler

1685-1 None


Specification 1700-1   Brian Phillips

My Heat Bank Thermal Store is now installed and we are  very impressed!  We are still running on just the immersion so it is a bit noisy but that problem will go away when the boiler is up and running. (So far it's just hanging on the wall).  We really are delighted with the system - we are getting lashings of hot water even with only a half a tank as it were, and I can't wait to get the new bathroom installed to try it on a shower.  But that must wait until the kitchen is built. 

Once again, many thanks to Richard and George for all your help and advice, and a really super product which, in case I never told you, I found on the Web.

Kindest regards, Brian Phillips. 

DPS Note:  The backup immersion heater is of the Incaloy type, not the Low Noise type.  We feel that one should be able to hear when the backup heater is in use - I have seen a number of installations where backup heaters are left on accidentally, reducing system efficiency.  Low Noise are available upon request.

Connects to Gas Boiler    180 litres


1605-2  150, 180 litres 
Andy Prior
Installation Instructions

Connects to Gas Boiler1605-3  150, 180 litres 
Andy Prior
Installation Instructions

1605-5  150, 180 litres 
Andy Prior

1649-1  300 litres
Craig Pointon
Installation Instructions

1649-2  150, 180, 210 litres 
Craig Pointon

1649-3  250, 300 litres 
Craig Pointon

Specification 1679-1

Specification 1709-1

Connects to Gas Boiler1786-1   180 litres
John Carnie 

1863-1    150 litres
Geoff  Smith

Connects to Gas BoilerConnects to Gas Boiler1824-1  300 litres
Paul Boyer & Epsom Builders

Connects to Gas Boiler1865-1  300 litres
Mr. Thornley

1884-1  180, 210, 250 litres
RF Hopkins & Son 
Plumbing & Heating

Connects to Gas Boiler1937-1  150 litres
Hurley Palmer Partnership
Installation Instructions

Connects to Gas Boiler1937-2  210 litres
Hurley Palmer Partnership
Installation Instructions

2001-1  210 litres
Peter Lomax
Under-Floor Primaries

2001-2  210 litres
Peter Lomax
Radiators & Under-Floor Primaries

2023   130 litres  Wicken Engineering & Slough Borough Council
District Heating Case Study  

3072-1  210 litres
Mr. Nick Ground
Installation Instructions

'Thunderbird 1 without the nosecone'

Just a follow up note to say how impressed we are with the thermal store.  The boiler has picked up and is now keeping the water at about 80 degrees. However we try we seem never to run out of hot water. Four 'power' showers, one after each other, and a full bath plus the washing machine going the other evening.  The high speed in which the central heating reaches temperature is proving a real bonus during this cold spell.
Well done. A superb product and excellent service.

Thanks again, Nick Ground
PS If you're wondering about the subject description this is how my wife describes the system to our visitors!

3109-1  275 litres
Mr. Eric Mears
Installation Instructions

3109-2  210 litres
Mr. Eric Mears
Installation Instructions

Connects to Gas Boiler3155-1  145 litres
Swallow Services
Installation Instructions

3191-3  300 litres
Simon Barber

Installation Instructions

Fitted Solar Coil3211-1  250 litres
Greengates Solar
Installation Instructions

Connects to Gas BoilerVokera Mynute System Boiler3302-1  180 litres
Charles Houston-Brown

Connects to Gas Boiler3302-2  180 litres
Charles Houston-Brown
Installation Instructions

Connects to Gas Boiler3331-2  180 litres
Try Homes
Installation Instructions

Connects to Gas Boiler3339-1   210 litres
Pete Beams 
Installation Instructions

Connects to Gas Boiler3342-1  300 litres
Phil Hodkinson
Installation Instructions

3342-2  300 litres
Phil Hodkinson
Installation Instructions

3394-1  300 litres
Mr. Behren
Installation Instructions

3395-1  210 litres
Mr. John Carpenter
Installation Instructions

Fitted Solar Coil3395-2  210 litres
Mr. John Carpenter
Installation Instructions  

*** 20 February 2001:  L18-14 Plate Heat Exchangers Introduced as standard.
Double Heat Exchanger assemblies replaced with double sized L18-28 heat exchangers.

Fitted Solar Coil3395-3  210 litres
Mr. John Carpenter
Installation Instructions

Emanuel Smith Partnership  Brentford
Installation Instructions

3562-1  Underfloor GXV
Mr. Alex Lyne

Connects to Gas Boiler3708-1  190 litres
London Borough of Southwark
DPS Waterload Calculations

Installation Instructions

3743-1  Underfloor 28mm GXV
Mr. Jason Hook

3743-2  Underfloor 22mm GXV
Mr. Jason Hook

3743-3  Underfloor 28mm GXV
Mr. Jason Hook

Connects to Gas BoilerFitted Solar Coil3755-1  210 litres 
London Borough of Southwark
Plan view of cupboard 

Installation of Solar

Connects to Gas Boiler3892-1  Underfloor S-Plan
Phoenix Fabrications

4010-1  Electric Stowaway
Parsons Brinkerhoff  
Installation Instructions

4029-1  Sealed GX, Underfloor
Wastell & Porter Architects

4029-2  Twin Xcel Sealed GX
Wastell & Porter Architects

4038-1  Xcel Sealed GX
Mr. David Taylor

Solid Fuel BoilerFitted Solar Coil4078-1  Multiple Fuel Xcel GXV
Mr. Graham Johnson

Solid Fuel Boiler4091-1  Xcel GXV for Aga
Mr. Stephen Foster

Solid Fuel BoilerFitted Solar Coil4089-1  Multiple Fuel Xcel GXV
Mr. Martin Hodnitt

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